The Chariots of Fire  : Prophet Elijah Being Taken to Heaven as Prophet Elisha Looks


  -breaking the power of witchcraft- Generational curses- business failures- relationship failures- bad luck -Do you feel that no matter what you do never succeed-  does whatsover you do seems to fail- are your hands cursed - Do you want to Increase Your Income - God's intervention to a court case- Application Success   -  do you need spiritual Cleansing to your Home, your business premises
  - Dissolve soul ties from Past Partner
   - Find A New Relationship
   - Strengthen & Heat Up A Romantic Relationship
   - Restore Your Health, - Create A Peaceful Environment
   - Jump Start Your Career Or Business
   - Get "Unstuck"
   - Set Up A New Home Or Office
   - Boost Sales And Profits
   - Be at peace With Your Surroundings
   - Heighten Your Spiritual Connection
   - Activate Your Creativity!
   - Change Your Life direction Immediately!

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